Expertise in Pain & CRPS

Dr. Goebel works as a Reader (Associate Professor) in Pain Medicine at the University of Liverpool, and as Hon. Consultant in Pain Medicine at the Walton Centre in Liverpool.

Dr. Goebel specialises in the field of chronic primary pain, including complex regional pain syndrome and fibromyalgia, in the context of injury, trauma, or medical interventions. He is familiar with the latest evidence and has contributed to formulating evidence in this field as one of the worldwide leading researchers.

He has initiated, and has been chairing the UK guidance development group on complex regional pain syndrome under the umbrella of the Royal College of Physicians(RCP), and is also co-chairing the RCP diagnostic guidelines group for Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Tel: 0151 529 5750 (Lorraine Barnett)

Listed on the APIL List of Expert Witnesses


Medico-Legal Expertise

Dr Goebel has 10 years medico-legal experience in preparing reports for injury related legal claims. He accepts instructions from both Claimants and Defendants, or as joint expert

Working from Liverpool and Bristol, he writes reports for personal injury, medical negligence, and occasional criminal justice claims.

He has been to court giving evidence and he has also appeared as an expert on complex regional pain syndrome before the MHRA/London and FDA/Washington.

There is a relatively short turnaround time for producing reports. He is normally able to see clients within one month, and prepare a report within 6 weeks. The average time taken for a report is 6-14 hours in 90% of cases. The average charge for a report is £3,500  (+VAT) (equivalent of 10 hours’ work at £350 (+VAT) per hour).

Medico-Legal articles by Dr Goebel

Benson J., Spencer M., Goebel A., Munglani R.. Compensation Claims Relating to Chronic Pain – Parts 1-5. Journal of Observational Pain Medicine 2014; 1(4).

Goebel A. Current Understanding of the Causes of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) with its Medico-Legal Implications. Journal of Observational Pain Medicine 2014; 1(3).

Research Articles

Birklein F*, Ajit S*, Goebel A*, Perez, R*, Sommer C*. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – Phenotypic Characteristics and Potential Biomarkers. Nature Reviews Neurology 2018; 14(5):272-284 *equal authorship

Goebel A. Autoantibody Pain. Autoimmunity Reviews 2016; 15(6): 552-7

Goebel A. Cellular and behavioral models to predict responses to immunoglobulin G treatment in complex regional pain syndrome. Clinical and Experimental Immunology 2014; 178(S1): 136-137.

Dubuis E., Thompson V., Leite M., Blaes F., Maihoefner Ch., Greensmith D., Shenker N., Kuttikat A., Leuwer M., Goebel A. Longstanding Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is associated with activating autoantibodies against α-1a adrenoceptors. Pain 2014; 155: 2408 – 2417.

Tékus V, Hajna Z, Borbély E, Markovics A, Bagoly T, Szolcsányi J, Thompson V, Kemény A, Helyes Z, Goebel A. A CRPS-IgG-Passive-Transfer-Trauma Model Reproducing Inflammatory and Positive Sensory Signs Associated with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  Pain 2014; 144(2): 229-308

For more of Dr. Goebel’s articles, see his CV here

Medico-Legal presentations by Dr. Goebel

2018 Resolution Law Seminar: New approaches to Fibromyalgia, CRPS, and Chronic Pain – Medicolegal Implications (Liverpool – nationwide live stream)

Complete Council Chronic Pain Seminar 2017: The Medical Expert’s view in a chronic pain case (Liverpool)

2017 Guildehall Chambers Seminar: CRPS in High Value Claims (Bristol)

2016 Peterhouse Conference (Cambridge) – Managing Neuropathic Pain Following Peripheral Nerve Injury – The Pain Management Consultant’s Perspective

2016 APIL London, Belfast‚ Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – an introduction’

2016, 2008 Guidehall Chambers (Bristol): ‘Complex Regional Pain Syndrome’

2015 Jersey Personal Injury Medicolegal Society:  ‘Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – Modern understanding of an important limb-pain condition in high value injury and medical-negligence cases’

2014 Peterhouse Conference (Cambridge): ‘Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – The Latest Concepts on Causation’

Research Presentations

2018 IASP Satellite Symposion Convener: CRPS – Beyond Chronification? (Boston)

Keynote Lecture: McGill Frontiers in Pain Medicine Lecture Series (Montreal) 2016

Workshop Speaker: International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), Yokohama 2016

Study Day Convenor: ‘CRPS’, Royal College Of Anaesthetists Faculty of Pain Medicine 2015

Plenary: Irish Faculty of Pain Medicine, 2015

Webinar Lead: ‘Autoantibody Pain’, Harvard Medical School Neuro-Discovery Centre, 2014

Plenary and workshop: British Pain Congress, (‘CRPS’, ‘Autoantibody Pain’), 2014

International CRPS Research Consortium Foundation Member, Chicago, 2014